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2017年3月24日 星期五

13:00-14:00: 中国买家在迪拜投资房产有何优势?
Speaker: Muhammad BinGhatti

首席执行官兼首席建筑师 – Binghatti Developers

14:00-15:00: 迪拜——极具吸引力的投资目的地
Speaker: Majid Al Marri先生


15:00-16:00: 迪拜房产投资相关法律事项
Speaker: Suraya Turk女士

法律顾问 – Hussain Lootah事务所(Hussain Lootah & associates)

16:00-17:00: 为什么投资迪拜
Speaker: Vikram Goyal 先生
首席执行官,Unesta Real Estate Brokers LLC

17:00-18:00: 方兴未艾的中国迪拜投资潮
Speaker: Maria Lien
副总裁 – 优舍国际(UC forward)/Fang.com

18:00-19:00: 非迪拜居民融资解决方案
Speaker: Srinivasan Padamanabhan先生
马士礼格银行零售银行业务 部,抵押贷款业务经理

2017年3月25日 星期六

11:00-12:00: 中国投资者投资迪拜有何优势?
Speaker: Wangning先生

副总经理 – 优舍国际/Fang.com

12:00-13:00: 迪拜——极具吸引力的投资目的地
Speaker: Majid Al Marri先生

房地产投资管理和推广中心 – 迪拜土地局

13:00-14:00: 为什么投资迪拜
Speaker: Vikram Goyal 先生
首席执行官,Unesta Real Estate Brokers LLC

14:00-15:00: 中国买家在迪拜投资房产有何优势?
Speaker: Muhammad Binghatti

首席执行官兼首席建筑师 – Binghatti Developers

15:00-16:00: 飞速变换的迪拜建筑景观中建筑的重要性
Speaker: H.E. Salem Almoosa
主席兼总经理 – 隼城奇观(Falcon city of Wonders)

17:00-18:00: 非迪拜居民融资解决方案
Speaker: Srinivasan Padamanabhan先生

马士礼格银行零售银行 业务部,抵押贷款业务经理

2017年3月26日 星期日

12:00-13:00: 迪拜地产集团——打造顶级地产项目,吸引国际和商业投资者
Speaker: Masood Al Awar先生
首席商务官 – 迪拜地产集团(Dubai Properties)

13:00-14:00: 中国投资迪拜房产的多种选项
Speaker: Maria Lien

副总裁 – 优舍国际/Fang.com

14:00-15:00: 非迪拜居民融资解决方案
Speaker: Srinivasan Padamanabhan先生

马士礼格银行零售银行 业务部,抵押贷款业务经理

15:00-16:00: 为什么投资迪拜
Speaker: Vikram Goyal 先生
首席执行官,Unesta Real Estate Brokers LLC

16:00-17:00: 迪拜房地产业未来如何稳健发展
Speaker: H.E. Salem Almoosa
主席兼总经理 – 隼城奇观

17:00-18:00: 涉及国外投资者的迪拜法律
Speaker: Florian Kessler先生

法律顾问 – Germela Lootah事务所

18:00-19:00: 中国买家在迪拜投资房产有何优势
Speaker: Muhammad BinGhatti

首席执行官兼首席建筑师 – Binghatti Developers

Speaker Profiles
Masood Al AwarMasood Al Awar
Chief Officer Commercial
Dubai Properties

Masood Al Awar is Chief Officer – Commercial of Dubai Properties. He is responsible for overseeing the development of compelling breakthrough solutions to clients and delivering against ambitious targets in both new and established market segments. Masood also spearheads Dubai Properties Development’s overarching commercial & customer interface strategy. Prior to joining Dubai Properties, Masood served as Chief Executive Officer of Tasweek Real Estate Marketing and Development in Abu Dhabi.
Masood Al Awar brings over 30 years of extensive experience in Banking, Government and Real Estate. Before joining Tasweek in 2009, he occupied executive positions for major industry players Sourouh Real Estate PJSC in Abu Dhabi and Emaar Properties in Dubai. His multidisciplinary exposure to the government and private sector activites has enabled him to introduce innovative real estate investment approaches, managing multi-billion dollar projects.
Masood holds an MBA from Glamorgan University in Wales, United Kingdom.

Muhammad Binghatti AljboriMuhammad Binghatti Aljbori
CEO & Head of Architecture
Binghatti Developers

As an Architect, Artist and Poet, Muhammad BinGhatti sees the potential of art in every aspect of human life. From this background, his ultimate objective at Binghatti Developers has revolved around the notion of depicting “The Art of Property”. Carrying the Binghatti legacy into its third generation, the dynamic CEO & Head of Architecture at Binghatti Developers is determined to lead the renaissance of property in the region. Binghatti Developers aims to use its projects as a platform to introduce the world to “The Art of Property”.
Binghatti Developers, the real estate development arm of Binghatti Holding, operates throughout the UAE with a value of more than AED 3 Billion and 20 projects, including its partnership in the AED 1 Billion Swarovski Sparkle Towers of Dubai Marina, due for completion in Q1 of 2017. The company currently operates in several areas throughout Dubai including Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, Liwan, and Dubai Land Residence Complex.
The BinGhatti name originated in 1875, when the company’s founding father Ghatti bin Ghaib began his quest to build a business empire. Today, DIFC-based Binghatti Holding continues his legacy and perpetuates his journey by focusing on high-growth potential projects in the real estate, hospitality, education, industrial, construction and FMCG sectors. The company seeks to redefine the norms of the region by delivering reasonably priced high quality products in a timely manner.

kalpeshKalpesh Sampat
Chief Operating Officer
SPF Realty

One of the founding members and COO of SPF Realty, Kalpesh Sampat has 12 years of experience in the Dubai real estate market, specializing in the Emirates Living area as well as several off plan projects around Dubai. A Chartered Accountant by profession, Kalpesh worked in Schlumberger in finance and IT for 15 years while living in Dubai, Jakarta, Singapore and Paris, before transforming himself to sales by venturing into Real Estate in 2005, and merging his initial real estate venture with SPF Realty in 2006.
His philosophy has always remained to provide the best personalized service to every individual client and to also lead by example and this is evident through his unrelenting work ethic and instant response times complemented with his vast knowledge of the Dubai realty landscape. Furthermore, he has always believed that being completely honest and open with clients is key in the industry, even if it means losing business in the short term.
His efforts have not gone unrecognized as his leadership has led to SPF winning several awards as well as individual accolades such as Asia One’s “World’s Greatest Leaders 2015 Asia & GCC” award. His comprehensive understanding of the Dubai real estate market has also been recognized by several organizations as he is often requested to speak at overseas conferences regarding why Dubai is such an attractive place to invest in, as well as in several real estate events in Dubai on various market related issues.
His ambition and long term vision helped SPF Realty maneuver through the tricky recession in 2008 to become one of the biggest, multi award winning real estate agencies in Dubai, while many others found it difficult to survive. The excellent, tailored service he provides to each of his clients combined with his in depth and insightful knowledge of the market and incredible speed of response certainly sets him apart from the rest and has rightly earned him the reputation for being the fastest and most efficient agent in Dubai.

yaqoob-moryaYaqoob Kazia
Property Consultant
Morya Real Estate

Born and raised in Dubai, I have seen Dubai evolve from being just another city to what it is today- a cosmopolitan city that is home to over 200 nationalities offering an unbeatable lifestyle and inarguably one of the best tourist and business destinations in the world. A Bachelor in Business Administration with a Master’s in Applied Psychology with interest varying from cars to motorcycles to writing, I’ve been involved in the Real Estate market since 2007 and have worked on various projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman. I’ve been in involved in projects in Abu Dhabi like Hydra Village and Al Reef Villas and various developers in Dubai like Emaar, Nakheel, Dubai Properties and Zaaya to name a few. From 2012-2015, I took a brief detour from real estate to pursue a career as a therapist for children with autism. I consider this as a means of giving something back to the community while also learning valuable skills of listening, patience and perseverance to name a few, all of which are important traits when turning a potential lead to a closed deal. The experience has definitely helped me understand my clients better since I’ve returned to real estate.
Why do I enjoy Real Estate? Putting the obvious financial rewards aside; which comes with hard work, it’s the process of the hard work leading to the financial rewards which I enjoy the most-relationship building.
Whether it’s a first time buyer who has been saving for a long time to buy a new home or a seasoned investor, if a relationship of trust, integrity and great service is not involved, success cannot be achieved. Real Estate transactions involve a significant amount of risk and decision making. Keeping this in mind, our team endeavours to make your experience with us smooth and your investment secure and lucrative.

Ashish MehtaAshish Mehta
Advocate – Ashish Mehta & Associates

“Ashish possesses multi-jurisdictional qualification to practice law in India, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates including before the Courts of Dubai International Financial Centre.
He possesses of well over 20 years expertise and experience on providing analysis and counseling on complex legal documents and policies including but not limited to corporate matters, commercial transactions, banking and finance, cross border transactions, property and construction, real estate acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring, arbitration, mediation and litigation, intellectual property, advise and create offshore structures for wealth management, family matters, general crime and structuring deals.

He has been dealing with companies and entrepreneurs in India, UAE, Pakistan, Singapore and other Middle East countries since early 1990s, and leads our India, Pakistan and the Middle East team. He has established a market reputation as leading advisers to Indian, UAE and Pakistan companies and high net worth individuals. It also advises and assists foreign companies wishing to do business in India, UAE and the United Kingdom.

For high net worth entrepreneurs, Ashish advises on international tax and estate planning matters as well as wealth management and private funds. He has a wealth of contacts in India, Pakistan, UAE and the Middle East with promoters and controlling shareholders of significant companies.

The growth of the Indian economy and Indian businesses over the past 20 years has meant that Ashish deals with the Indian Diaspora around the world, including those in Singapore and Hong Kong, East Africa, the UAE and United Kingdom.”

Akash KanjwaniAkash Kanjwani
Deputy CEO
Myra Properties Development LLC

One of the founding member and Deputy CEO of Myra properties Mr. Akash Kanjwani has 11 years experience in Dubai Real Estate Market, earlier as investor and now as developer with Myra properties. After completing graduation he opened Sky View Real Estate in 2005 which today is a leading brokerage house in Dubai with selling properties with master developers like Emaar, Damac and Nshama to name a few in Dubai.

Myra was formed in 2013 with aim of creating properties which are of highest quality and which will provide highest rental returns for investors. Myra’s first project Botanica in JVC has set a benchmark in terms of quality and return on investment with some investors enjoying upto 13% net rental return on investments.

Taking the legacy forward Myra has launch new project Called Crystal in JVC which has starting price of INR 71 lacs offering one the best investment option in Dubai.